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"A real DJ is part shaman, part tech wizard, part crowd psychologist,
all artist. Many people claim the title, but far fewer embody it."




SAUCE DJs is a London based booking agency connecting emerging talent with opportunity across the capital. Founded in 2010 by former DJ Stuart Bevan the agency was set up as a hub for independent DJs and a credible source of talent for the nightlife and events sector. SAUCE is a community-minded company who has meaningful relationships with an extensive network of DJs and works closely with clients in curating dynamic and exciting DJ programs.


The Met Bar has always been known for its good times and great music. Sauce DJs provide us with some of London’s best DJing talent that consistently create an atmosphere based on quality, diversity with speciality and technical ability. Sauce DJs are reliable and add significant value to our guests experience. Having worked with Sauce DJs for over four years, I highly recommend them!”

Lewis Wilkinson, Met Bar General Manager

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